Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm starting this blog as a way to help synthesize papers that I read. I'm an undergraduate at the University of Memphis, and to be honest there just aren't that many people around that have the time or inclination to talk about neuroscience.

My goal is to summarize and speculate on at least one peer reviewed paper a week. Hopefully, my analysis will be accurate. If it's not, I welcome critiques of my thinking; all I really care about is learning more about brains.

I currently volunteer in Chuck Blaha's lab. Under the direction of his grad students, Deranda and Tiffany, I help to do research on Parkinson's disease, addiction disorders, and in general anything that has to do with dopamine. We use stereotaxic rigs to do in vivo amperometry on anesthetized mice (all I really do at this point is fabricate electrodes, break down the stereotaxic and help analyze data).

I should have my first real post up soon!

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